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Stay Away from the Big-box Stores

Shop Local

How many vacuum cleaners have you purchased over the last 5 or 10 years?
Do you wonder why you remember that mom's vacuum cleaner lasted 20 years?

You need to understand that ALL of the brands you see advertised in your Sunday newspaper and on the shelves of all the big-box stores
are intentionally designed to fail within 3-5 years. To make things even worse, the companies that supply those vacuum cleaners to those stores
do NOT want you to be able to get them repaired. They want you out on the market again within a 3-5 year window.

These same manufactures that sell their vacuum cleaners to the big-box stores intentionally discontinue the parts within that time frame to ensure that you can't do any repairs. If you call around town and talk to any of our competitors, you will find that almost none of them will sell the same brands that are sold in the big-box stores.

The secret is to buy your vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, and air purifiers from your local dealer. We will not sell any product that we can't stand behind,
or that we can't get parts for, or that the manufacture won't stand behind their warranty. We will ONLY sell products that we can supprt.

Connie B.


I will never go anywhere else. Carl is the most honest and has never gives any pressure. He fixed my old vacuum and finally invested in a new one. I love it!

Cindy A.


We are always totally pleased with the knowledge and care All Makes Vacuums provides when we have a repair either for our Vacuums or Sewing Machine (which has gotten lots of use this past year!) We would not go to any other shop for a repair or purchase.

Ellen B.

Palos Verdes

I have taken my sewing machine here,along with my daughters & a friends. For repairs & general checkup. He is quick & does a great job. And on repairs gives you guarantee for work.

Cammi H.


Inheriting a family sewing machine poses challenges, like keeping it in good repair. The service received from All Makes was very good and thorough. Special Thanks to Carl for the follow-up phone call! I am very impressed by what a great place this is. When you consider holidays, old machine, and other circumstances - All Makes overcomes all to deliver great service and a great customer experience. Thank You to All! You are a highlight of my holiday season!

Judi C.

Hermosa Beach

All Makes Vacuum & Sewing sales and repair shop in Walteria is a fabulous, knowledgeable, friendly and reliable vacuum sales and repair shop! I've personally use them for over 10 years! Same owner, Carl, who goes out of his way to hep me! He actually came to my home to repair my vacuum! He went above and beyond! He exceeded my expectations about repairs, and he fixed my central vacuum intake vent ! I highly recommend this company to everyone! You'll love it !