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If you have allergies, we can help!

Studies have shown using a good vacuum cleaner on a weekly basis will significantly decrease harmful allergens in your carpets, area rugs, and other surfaces which pollute your home and lungs. We have found that not all vacuum cleaners are great at floor care. The best feature any good vacuum cleaner should have what is referred to as a "sealed system" AND utilize a HEPA filter AND a bag. The sealed system prevents air leaks and the HEPA filter is used to control vacuum cleaner emissions. Without a HEPA filter, much of the dirt vacuumed up blows right back into the air you breath and will likely make your allergies worse.

Here are our best suggestions based on your environment:

Canister Vacuum Cleaners - Best for homes that have primarily hard surface floors or both carpets and hard surfaces.
Upright Vacuum Cleaners - Best for homes that have primarily wall to wall carpet.
Electric Brooms / Lightweight - Best for cleaning hard to reach areas.